Fashion Designing

Fashion design is the art of designing clothing that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Fashion artists must increasingly learn their craft well in order to be highly successful. A fashion designing course can provide the introduction to further study in this high demand industry.

What Is a Fashion Designing Course?

A course that covers the art of designing beautiful and elegant clothing and fashion accessories. This course introduces the work of famous designers and the culture of the time to show students how great fashion designs come to be.

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Course in Fashion Design?

This course will teach you from the basics to the advancement of fashion designing for both gents and ladies. This course can show a student whether or not a career in fashion design would be a good fit, or provide a foundation for future study of textiles.

Our Syllabus

  • Introduction to Fashion and designing
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Tailor sewing technique
  • Industrial sewing technique
  • Garment Construction
  • Project Work
  • Different types of Slits and Kaba
  • Bridal Gown and accessories
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Exclusive Entrepreneurship Training