Beads and Milinery

Our Beads jewelry making course is for beginners, professionals, and hobbyists who want to develop their jewelry making abilities and want to pursue jewelry making to the next level. This course is available to all learners, from all academic backgrounds.

Course Curriculum

  • Jewelry Making and Beading
  • History of Beads
  • Different Kinds of Beads and Its Definitions
  • Different Kinds of Gemstones and Its Definitions
  • Decorating Jewelry and Beads
  • Making Magic with Beads, Crystals, Pearls and Stones
  • Setting Up Your Workshop Part _1
  • Discovering Simple Jewelry Making Techniques Part _2
  • Uncovering the Simple Secrets of Stringing and Knotting
  • Different Stringing and Knotting Jewelry Projects
  • Different Wire Wrapping Jewelry Projects
  • Common Jewelry Mistakes to Avoid
  • Jewelry for Every Occasion
  • Creating Fun, Funky Jewelry for Everyday Wear
  • Everyday Jewelry Projects
  • Crafting your Own Evening, Bridal and Holiday Jewelry
  • Evening Jewelry Projects
  • Introduction to Millinery
  • Bead Bags Making
  • Bead Shoes Making
  • African Caps Making
  • African Hats Making
  • Slippers Making
  • Making Hats with Brim
  • Beads Earrings